Class Policies

Class Policies


  • Inclement Weather Cancellations – Follows school cancellations in town of your class. For delays and/or confirmation, please call you senior center.
  • Consent/Release forms are required at each senior center.
  • Cost per class varies according to center.

Senior Center Classes

  • Students must sign in and register and pay for class according to specific senior center.
  • If you are a new Yoga Student, please contact the senior center of your choice prior to attending class for information about the registration process.
  • Please refer to descriptions of classes to assure that you are attending the class that is best suited for your abilities, as I offer a range of class levels.
  • Classes ALWAYS begin and end at the designated time (unless otherwise stated).
  • It is best if you can arrive at least 5-10 minutes before the start of class, to find your spot, and settle in, so that others are not disturbed or distracted by your late arrival. Some centers disallow late arrivals.
  • We begin each class with Breathing and Centering and end each class with relaxation/meditation. These times are silent, and without interruptions.
  • If you attend a class that requires a mat, please bring your own if possible. There are usually some extras at senior centers should you forget, or have not purchased one yet.
  • A Yoga practice is best with only a light breakfast or lunch. A large meal or full stomach may not offer you the best experience.
  • Dress comfortably with clothes that allow easy movement, and in layers as room temperatures vary, as does body temperatures.
  • Practicing without shoes is recommended, however students may keep shoes on if they prefer.
  • A closed water bottle is suggested to keep hydrated.
  • CELL PHONES must be turned off or silenced.

Retirement Community Classes

These classes are closed and limited only to the residents of the community.