General Policies

Workshops, Retreats, other programs

  • Follow registration guidelines and deadlines for registration and payment.
  • Register as soon as possible to ensure and reserve your place.
  • Once full, a waiting list will be created.
  • Refunds for personal cancellations at the discretion of the presenter and program.

Program Waiver/Disclaimer

The Centered Seniors class, program, and this website have been created for the purpose of education and sharing information…to live and age gracefully, with health, happiness and overall well-bring.  Please keep that in mind, as you integrate what works for you, and leave the rest behind.

Privacy Policy

Centered Seniors© does not share an personal information.  Although we may request some personal information for registration, workshop registration, online programs, etc…this information is provided voluntarily, and used only for our own personal use.  All emails always include a clear opt out option.

Use of Materials/Intellectual Property Rights

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Resource Links

Links have been included on this site primarily for education, and further information that may be related and helpful.  It does not signify an endorsement or sponsor agreement.