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IMG_8862Katie Cohen is passionate about living and aging gracefully through the years with joy, well-being and peace of mind.  She is the owner of Centered Seniors, offering educational an experiential presentations, workshops and training programs for those who desire to de-stress and enrich and transform their lives.  Her multi-generational background of more than 30 years as a psychotherapist, yoga teach, and educator is rich with resources and experiences that are woven into her gentle, caring yet energetic style.  Katie skillfully guides participants as they explore, discover and embrace living a life with grace, ease and wellness.

Educational presentations include:

  • Flip the Script on Stress: A Resilient Approach to Well-Being
  • It Starts with You: Creating Wellness for Yourself and Those You Serve
  • Strategies for Self-Care: Create Wellness
  • Managing Anxiety & Depression: Improve Moods
  • Managing Anxiety & Depression in a Clinical Setting
  • Stress LESS, Enjoy MORE: The Mind-Body Connection
  • Health & Wellness: Yoga, Breath Awareness, Mindful Movements

** Specialized presentations tailored to your specific needs.

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